Access control


"Perun" Ltd. offers you the access control systems with different degree of complexity. Access control system provides a reliable control, by restricting access to different areas of the secured object. The system monitors the restricted access to the floors, freestanding buildings, facilities and other pre-programmed zones, according to your established requirements. Modern technologies, which are used in the access control systems, offered by "Perun" Ltd., provide the highest level of object security.


A wide range of readers, offered by "Perun" Ltd., uses all known reading technologies: remote, biometric, smart card reader, with PIN-keyboard. At the request of the customer, the access system is equipped with the devices of pictures and video identification.


Access control system can automatically maintain records of all movements, registration of cards and events. All the information is recorded to a digital storage device and stored there till called for. If you use an access control system, it will not be difficult for you to know information about all your employees motion over the controlled object. In addition to motion controlling, the use of an access control system can effectively deal with a number of administrative - industrial problems: to carry time sheet, to prepare detailed reports, with the number of hours worked, lateness, overtime, etc.