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"Perun" company offers a wide range of fire alarms from leading international and domestic manufacturers. The fire alarm system is intended to detect the location of ignition and to form the signals for the automatic fire extinguishing systems and fire informing.

Among the existing fire alarms there are three basic types of automatic fire alarm systems:

1. Threshold.

In this system, each fire detector has a threshold of action. For example, a heat detector, when achieving the desired temperature of the environment delivers a corresponding signal to the fire alarm control panel. The second distinction of threshold systems – radial interconnection topology of  fire alarm trails. What does this mean? The fire trails cables (beams) go from the control panel to different sides. Each such beam includes about 20-30 sensors, when one of them is triggered, the control panel displays the number of the beam, to which the triggered fire alarm is connected. The advantage of such systems is the low cost. 

The disadvantages are such factors as:

  • lack of control of sensors performance,
  • low informativeness of the signals received from sensors,
  • later fire detection.

2. Address.

The main difference between the address fire alarm system and the threshold fire alarm system is considered an algorithm by which the connection with the control panel detector is carried out. At that time, when a control panel in the threshold fire alarm system all the time is "waiting" for the signal of changing of fire detectors condition, in the address fire alarm system, the control panel is only periodically sends the requests to the connected fire alarms. The purpose of the request - to reveal their status. This algorithm of sensor identification gives full opportunity to monitor their performance. Usually there are four types of sensor signals: "absence", "fire", "normal condition", "fault". 

The advantages of this system include:

  • optimal price - quality ratio,
  • control of all fire alarms efficiencies in the system,
  • steady information awareness. 

A significant drawback - the later fire detection.

3. Address-analogue.

In automatic fire alarm systems the analogue technology is most advanced. These fire alarm systems have a number of advantages and benefits which exist only in them. The main difference between these systems is that a decision about the condition on controlled object is made by the control panel, not the sensor. Computerized control console is a complex computing unit, which produces a continuous survey of the connected sensors (hence the name "analogue" - continuous). The system analizes the obtained data. Further, depending on the resulting analysis, makes the final decision. For example, heat sensors constantly transmit the value of ambient temperature to the control panel. The panel monitors the magnitude of this value and the dynamics of its change. This is the only fire alarm system, which allows to detect fires in the earliest stages of its development, thus preventing possible damage. Fire source detection efficiency of such systems is 15-20 times higher than the others. 

The advantages of such alarms include:

  • early fire detection,
  • control of fire alarm box efficiency

The disadvantage is only the high cost of equipment.

4. Fire alert

Timely people alert about the fire is an important factor for the salvation of human life and health, evacuation of important documents and valuable equipment. "Perun" Ltd. offers you a full range of services for designing, installing and maintenance of fire alert systems. Once the system receives a signal about fire starting or other emergency situation, the programmed algorithm is automatically triggered. Precision equipment of audible warning, proposed by "Perun" company, depending on the situation and structure of the object allows to pass the relevant information and clear guidance both to a single area and around the serviced perimeter. Thus providing a clear and organized steps to evacuate people and important documents. If necessary, there is the possibility of manual control – for sending emergency messages. In case of an “alarm” signal triggering, the system automatically provides the highest priority to operator voice communications, which can interrupt the transmission of prerecorded messages and alerts. This makes possible to evacuate people from the fire-hazardous zone in the shortest time, without disastrous panic and rush.



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