Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguisher is indispensable when dealing with a fire at the initial stage of its development. The presence of this fire safety attribute is now required everywhere: in car, in stock, in various public facilities.

According to the classification of extinguishing agent, fire extinguishers are distributed in: powder, carbon dioxide, foam, air foam.

Powder fire extinguishers are intended to extinguish fires of solid, liquid and gaseous matters, class A, B, C fires. Powder fire extinguishers are permitted to extinguish electrical units under voltage up to 1000 V.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are intended for emergency extinguishing of substances which can’t burn without the access of air. Ideal for extinguishing the fires on the electrified rail, extinguishing the electrical units under voltage not exceeding 10kV. Made a good showing in extinguishing class A, B, C fires.

Air foam fire extinguishers are intended to extinguish the fires of smoldering materials, as well as, flammable liquids in various industrial and agricultural enterprises and flammable materials warehouses. Air foam fire extinguishers are not intended to extinguish the electrical units under voltage. Suitable for extinguishing class A and B fires.

Perun” company offers fire extinguishers of different capacities and fire classification
Our experts will gladly help you choose a fire extinguisher needed for extinguishing fires of various complexity classes.