Fireproof doors

Fireproof doors are the one of the inalienable elements of fire protection of the facilities for various purposes. Fireproof doors offered by "Perun" Ltd. are an indispensable tool for fire blocking. High fire resistance is achieved by filling the structure of the door with special refractory materials, as well as by using the reliable heat-resistant finishing materials for their decoration. Fireproof doors, offered by "Perun" Ltd., are able to prevent the penetration of fire and hazardous combustion products into the room for an long time. The full potential of fireproof doors, offered by "Perun" Ltd., is uncovered in extreme cases – to be exact, in case of fire.

Two main functions, which fireproof doors are intended to carry - to limit the spread of smoke and fire, to provide the safe evacuation of people from the area of fire. The task of fireproof doors - to prevent human’s life and health hazard and provide fire-fighters the access to hotbed of fire.

Potentially hazardous and demanding the mandatory installation of fireproof doors are the associated with fire dangerous manufactures, substations, switchboards, ducts, rooms for storage of combustible materials, emergency exits, attic exits, technical rooms.