Fireproof processing

The fire usually occurs quickly and suddenly. The consequences after the uninvited guest in form of "red rooster" are catastrophic. Direct losses from careless fires make astronomical sums that impressively cost a pretty penny of the unfortunate owners. Indirect losses from fires, in the form of unissued products, destroyed documents or shares, human losses, are much tragic.



Any sane person will try to do his best to prevent the risk of fire, of course, if he can. To apply to the "Perun" company for carrying out the fireproof processing of wood, metal, textile and carpet flooring is not so hard for each of us. Especially because it’s needed only to contact with the manager of the company. Specialists of the "Perun" company conduct a full range of steps to prevent the likelihood of fire.



Specialists of "Perun" Ltd. Will carry out the complex of steps for fireproof processing of textile and carpet flooring. When the fire hits the unprocessed textile surfaces, the probability of fire is considerably increased in comparison with processed surfaces. In addition fireproof processing of textile and carpet flooring, "Perun" Ltd. performs fireproof processing of various constructions (metal, wood) of your premises.

In case of fire, range of activities, carried out by specialists of "Perun" Ltd., will help to increase the time under fire, during which the structure will perform its function; it will give extra time for people inside the building to leave it, as well as prevent the collapse of buildings and structures, wich greatly reduces the economical losses from fire; will limit the heat source, thus simplifying the work of fire brigades. The mechanism of fire protection is made by a combination of various physical and chemical processes that reduce the heating rate of structures.