Resistance measurement

Specialists of "Perun" Ltd. perform comprehensive services for the measurement of insulating resistance of wiring and grounding circuit as well as carry out calculations of permissible current load of power supply. Skilfully prepare technical calculations. These measurements are needed after performing any electric installation work. Measurement of insulation resistance of wiring is to be carried out by qualified electricians, with a special permit for such work. This is necessary in order to start-up a reliable and completely safe power supply system.

On-stream the electric wiring, as well as any operated equipment, wears out. As time goes by, its use may be unsafe. However, all we want our mains and electrical equipment, connected to the power supply, to be safe and irreproachable in operation. Unfortunately, not always you can pass the desirable for reality. During the ruthless exploitation of the power system and electrical equipmel, users forget that it should be occasionally evaluated and all possible faults should be revealed in advance. You should not wait until phase disappears in the depths of the hidden wiring and for switching on the electrical equipment it will be necessary to look for galoshes and dielectric gloves, holding up with a stick the permanently switching off automatic circuit breaker. How to protect yourself from the fallen on head troubles? For the prevention and elimination of the above-listed faults, it’s required periodically to carry out complex of measurements.

"Perun" Ltd. will assist you in solving of such problems. Everything you need is just to contact us.