Security alarm

 Colloquialism: my home - my fortress; - for many remains as the principle of life, so why it is so important to install security alarm. You can not dispute that anyone who cares about his family would not abuse with the security of his relatives; will install the security alarm at home. Security alarm is a reliable day and night defender. "Perun" company's specialists will provide a qualified choice of different security alarm devices. Please note that all the alarms are mounted individually, depending on what kinds of protection you want to see at home.



Our experts will help you determine the capabilities of your home and your needs. Alarm devices are divided into low cost and exclusive.



None of alarms can normally serve to protect your home without the alarm sensors. Sensors are security organization devices, allowing to identify and detect any intrusion into your home with a high degree of accuracy.



Security alarm control unit will help to understand the system and learn how to operate the entire security alarm system. Using it you can disable or enable the alarm, set new parameters or to change your PIN code.



 The specialists of "Perun" company will install any kind of security alarm at your home in the shortest time and at a reasonable price.


"Perun" Ltd.  offers the full range of services for the design, installation, commissioning, setting-up and further support manning of fire-security alarms of all types.



Experts of our company use an individual creative approach to every new customer; it allows the "Perun" company efficiently and expeditiously to carry out any works related to the installation of security systems and protection of projects of any complexity.


Security alarm is a major part of the complex of technical security devices, directed to the opportune detection of unauthorized entry into the guarded area. There are three types of security alarms to be installed in apartments: autonomous, alarms with automatic dialer, console security alarms.

Autonomous alarm principle of operation:


In the event of attempting the intrusion into the apartment or dwelling, light and sound siren is triggered immediately. The effect of siren sound triggering dumbfounds the attackers with force equal to 120 decibel. Despite the fact that the sound effect of such a force is able to plunge into a shock many malefactors, this alarm has several disadvantages. First, the experienced offenders, as a rule, are prepared to meet with such device, they can just breack it. Secondly, your neighbors will hardly be happy to hear the wail of siren.


Security alarms with automatic dialer works like this: in the event of alarm signal, it sends a message to a landlord’s pre-programmed phone number about the intrusion into his property. The device is capable of transmitting a voice message, prerecorded by landlord. If you prefer, you can program several dial numbers. For example, to you and directly to the police. 

However, despite all the convenience and relative cheapness of the equipment of this system, there is a significant disadvantage: if the offender has cut the telephone wire, it will be too late to know that there has been someone in the house.




However, not all that bad, there are reliable variants in the security system. The above-described alarm systems may be an excellent addition to the console security alarm. This scheme works as follows: In the event of attempting the intrusion into the house, the alarm is transmitted through a telephone line to a centralized monitoring console of police or a private security guard. Usually, during 3-5 minutes, the duty detail is arriving. Since the state of the telephone wires as well are under control, then if a malefactor tryes to damage them, the security quard respond to this as to an alarm. In addition, all events are documented at the central monitor console (who came into the house, whether the alarm responses, etc.). This security system is extremely easy to use: when leaving the house, the landlord enters the password known only to him and his family, and thus puts an apartment for secure.

Keep in mind that the reliability of secutiry alarm operation depends on the quality of its installation and, consequently, the protection degree of your property, so this thing is better to leave for professionals, and then nothing and nobody can disturb your peace of mind.

A list of our regular customers grows every day. Today, we serve both public and commercial organizations of various types. Under the watchful supervision of our equipment there are warehouses and banks. Hotels and large shops. Hotels and restaurants. Facilities, that are served by the "Perun" specialists are not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.



The most striking demonstration of the effectiveness of our work, are our company's leading positions in the market of security services in the current competition conditions.