Smoke extraction

Smoke extraction systems are intended for smoke removing and clean air supplying by the influx-and-extract antismoke ventilation system of the buildings. It is necessary for the safe evacuation during a fire in a building or a local fire on a separate floor.





Building or structure antismoke protection system is intended to protect people at the escape routes and in safe from fire areas during the time required for people evacuation and the entire time of fire occurrence and suppression. Protection is achieved by means of the combustion products removal and prevention of their spreading.

Smoke removal system is represented by the following elements:

• dymopriemnym device;
• smoke exhaust fans;
• ventilation ducts;
• Fan air overpressure;
• ognezderzhivayuschimi valves.

The work of such systems is subjected to the influence of the multitude of difficulty calculated factors. They are based on the complex and multifaceted phenomenons, formed during a fire: chemical reaction of combustible materials, turbulent mixing of spatial non-isothermal air flows, diffusion.