Video surveillance systems

Today, surveillance systems have ceased to be an element of spy stories. Cameras can be seen in almost all banks, supermarkets, cinemas and restaurants. Some of them catch your eyes, and you do not even guess about the existence of others. Certainly, the surveillance camera is able to increase significantly the effectiveness of your safety.

The mere presence of the camera can scare off the potential malefactors and force them to renounce their intentions. Nowadays the cost of surveillance systems has dropped so much that even a small company with low incomes can afford to purchase them.

But despite the fact that modern systems as maximum simple, nevertheless it’s necessary to have some knowledges to make the right choice and not to feel sorry for in vain wasted money.

Surveillance systems are intended to control the situation at your facility. Now they are imperative, and sometimes even are the principal element of any modern security system.

We carefully think over the location and configuration of cameras (hidden, external, wireless video surveillance) at the territory and in the premises, which allows you to extensively and accurately keep control and receive information about what is going on. Features, specifications and equipment for video surveillance systems depend on the requirements of the customer for a security of object.

Surveillance system consists of cameras and a monitor (set of monitors), through which the visual inspection of the secured territory is carried out. Observation can be made online by a security guard. The image is also recorded to the appropriate information carrier.