Fire-prevention equipment

One of the areas of our business is the sale of fire-fighting equipment. We offer effective means to ensure fire safety, as well as equipment and the primary fire.

Fire fighting equipment is the basis for the construction of a fire alarm, as well as a wide range of not only the tools, machines and instruments aimed at fighting the fire, but also tools that allow you to warn them.


"Perun" Ltd. offers to buy the following security fire-fighting equipment and tools:

  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Fire boards;
  • Fire cabinets;
  • Fire valve;
  • Hydrants;
  • Ladder;
  • Fire hoses;
  • Thermofilter boots for firefighters;
  • Time Fire Rescue;
  • Carbine;
  • Axes;
  • Rope Rescue.


All equipment complies with current regulations and standards.

Our experts will carry out the design, selection and commissioning of fire fighting equipment.

Our company's specialists use an individual approach to each client, which allows us to effectively and promptly to perform any work related to the installation of fire extinguishing systems and fire safety of any complexity.

We supply high quality fire fighting equipment at competitive prices.


                Fire cabinets                                Fire extinguishers     


                                               Fire shields