“Perun” Ltd.

"Perun" Ltd. is the leader in fire safety market, provides a full range of design, installation and maintenance services of fire-prevention and security systems, fire extinguishing and smoke extraction systems, fireproof processing of wooden and metal structures. With the further approval of design documentation, its approval in the organs of state fire supervision and other controlling authorities.

Also, "Perun" Ltd. offers a wide choice of video surveillance and access control systems, without which any modern security system is impossible today.

Our highly skilled managers will provide you the necessary information and give practical advice, will choose the equipment that is the best suitable for your facility, and the experienced staff of the assembly team will execute any work quickly, accurately and professionally by the time.

The new direction of our activity is the designing and installation of systems complex for early detection of emergencies and alerting in case of its occurrence.

By choosing our company, you get the maximum parity of the price and quality in combination with the functionality and reliability of our services, implemented in the shortest time.

It’s cheaper to prevent fire or theft than subsequently to pay for their consequences.